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Air Jordan has been a very famous part of the world of basketball. And Air Jordan shoes have been one of the most famous sports brand. The origin of air jordan is around the year 1987. At first, the Air jordan shoes have close connection with Nike. What's more, The first two generations of Air Jordan are independently designed and developed by the Nike company. The ideas mostly came from the Nike, but not Jordan. Jordan himself was more a model or a symbol for those shoes, and his personal opinions were ignored. But when the Air Jordan 3 was created, the real times of air jordan had come. Being different from the first two generations of Air Jordan, Air Jordan 3 is the idea of both designer and Micheal Jordan. When the designer was about to develop it, they invited Jordan to come to participate in their design and got useful informations and suggestions from him. In this way, the Air jordan 3 has been a real star of sports production. Air Jordan 4 was born in 1988. And it is one of the most classic shoes in the series. This generation is famous of the design of net-style Shoes buckle, which has made it come with souls. Air jordan 4 firstly put forward the idea of back guard basketball shoes. And it is the only kind of shoes which use the sign of "flight". Also, it gets the key of speed and light weight. These make the brand of Air Jordan having a new birth. Air Jordan 6 was the very shoes which Micheal Jordan wore when he lead the team to the champion of the NBA game. And this generation also appears in the popular comic "Slam Dunk". The spread of the comic promote the sales in the Asian area. Air Jordan 6 has a beautiful style of design. The impressive Jump man logo also adds vivid element to it. Same as the other Air Jordan shoes, the Air Jordan 11 and Air Jordan 13 are also great design of the series. The Air Jordan 11 is the last one which adopt the sole air cushion (the generation after it started to adopt ZOOM), but it has better performance than other generations in the basketball field. It is a pair of suitable shoes with both value of actual combat and good appearance. As for the Air Jordan 13, it is the symbol of the "last dance" of Micheal Jordan and the dynasty of the Bulls. In the design of the shoes, and cheetahs element is used to the sole. The style of whole sole is designed to be similar to animal claws, which makes the shoes are more comfortable. All these generations above are the most classic ones of the Air Jordan shoes. These ones will make you fly higher. Now it is cheap on sales, and now, we believe it is a good chance to make you have cheap Jordan shoes and enjoy the great design of it.
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